Bùth Bharraigh is an award-winning social enterprise service the islands of Barra and Vatersay. It is a community hub in the heart of Castlebay providing goods and services to residents and visitors to the island.

Our objectives are :-

Providing a route to market for local producers, opportunities for local people and support for those bringing products to market.

Obtaining and maintaining a premises in Castlebay.

Developing and/or supplying goods and services unavailable locally for which there is a local and visitor demand, e.g. wholefoods, free WiFI, and laundrette.

Developing a first-class Visitor Information Centre for Barra’s visitors and supporting local tourism businesses, e.g. via accommodation booking service and information dissemination.

Making local produce and healthier food choices more accessible to both residents and visitors.

Offering enterprise, volunteering, training/learning and employment opportunities to young people and helping to inspire them to try crafts and make items by hand.

Developing close and strong relationships with local sustainable food growers and producers and providing local businesses with new and/or increased revenue streams.

Boosting Barra’s economy by keeping money on the island.

Helping to make the island more sustainable including reducing the island’s carbon footprint.

Types of Annual Membership

Cost of annual membership has been kept to a minimum to be all-inclusive. 

£1 Producer*: regular supplier of goods and/or services who are a full-time resident of Barra and Vatersay, entitled to vote in local government elections, who support the objectives of the company.

£1 Ordinary*: full-time residents of Barra and Vatersay who are entitled to vote in local government elections, who support the objectives of the company.

£1 Associate: People who are not full-time residents of Barra or Vatersay but support the objectives of the company, including off-island suppliers. *Only ordinary and producer members are eligible to stand for the Board and to vote at any general meeting.

Membership Type